C3Sports MaxPatrol-600 DLX Police Bike Light

C3Sports MaxPatrol-600 DLX Police Bike Light

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    C3Sports MaxPatrol-600 DLX Police Bike Light

    C3Sports MaxPatrol®-600 DLX Bike Patrol Light System

    The brand new DLX version of the MaxPatrol-600 is now available in all color combinations.

    A New Video showing the MaxPatrol® 600 DLX can be seen below.

    The original MaxPatrol-600 Police bike light was developed after many years of listening to the input of riders from all facets of the bike patrol community. The main theme we kept hearing was that everyone wanted a light that is powerful, small, efficient, simple to operate and long lasting. When we released our original MaxPatrol-600 the feedback was excellent and it quickly became the go to bike patrol light for the law enforcement community. This light system is now used by departments nationwide from small sized to the largest departments in the United States as well as many overseas. It can be found on the Golden Gate Bridge, at the Statue of Liberty and on the United States Capitol.

    With the large number of active Officers using the light system, we gained more valuable feedback and decided to make the investment and incorporate these suggestions into a new DLX version of the MaxPatrol-600 in order to even better fulfill the needs of an Officer on Patrol.

    New features of the MaxPatrol-600 DLX Include:

    • More compact housing crafted in CNC'd aluminum
    • Increased side visibility
    • Front light only on mode
    • Taillight only on mode
    • High and Low beam flash on center taillight
    • Additional rapid pursuit strobe mode, 3 x red/3 x blue flashes per second
    • Reduced cable wiring, cleaner, more discreet design.

    The MaxPatrol-600 DLX version retains the following key components:

    • Aluminum Construction
    • CNC'd Aluminum Mount - Very Stable On Handlebars
    • Powerful CREE LEDs
    • Wired Remote Switch - operate Headlight/Taillight with one button and Pursuit Lights Front/Rear with 2nd button
    • Aluminum housing for switch - mounts on handlebars with easy access while your hand is on the grip
    • Battery indicator built into switch
    The Patrol Light system fulfills two main purposes. The first is as a headlight and taillight with a high quality and very powerful CREE LED center beam light with a high beam of 600 lumens and a low beam of 240 lumens. The reflector used in the headlight provides a very long beam with an impressive width. The center white light when combined with the optional taillight provides a very bright front headlight and a powerful rear flashing red taillight. This light is an extremely effective cycling light that will illuminate the road ahead at great distances and can even be used as a spot light. The taillight ensures you are visible from behind in the day or at night to vehicle traffic. Officers report to us that during traffic stops they point the center white light at the rear view mirror of the vehicle in the same manner one would with the spotlight of a patrol car.

    The second component of the MaxPatrol-600 DLX is a side-beam system with very powerful pursuit or emergency lights. These lights do not use colored flip lenses, rather, they are also CREE LED's and are available in red/blue, blue/blue, red/red, amber/amber, amber/green, amber/clear, blue/clear and a California version for which the red light stays as a steady beam and the blue light flashes. The fact that they are colored LED's makes the light flashes extremely intense. The side lights flash at a very rapid rate and measure 400 lumens! Another advantage of the MaxPatrol-600 DLX is that when not turned on the system looks like a regular bike light. If you want to use it undercover there is nothing to tip-off anyone that you are indeed an Officer, but once the red/blue lights are turned on, there will be no denying that this is indeed a Patrol bike. There are two pursuit modes. The first is a wig-wag pattern that if using a red/blue system will flash red/blue/red/blue, etc. A new pursuit mode in the DLX light is activated by holding the pursuit button down for two seconds. This rapid pursuit strobe mode will flash 6 x's per second as red/red/red/blue/blue/blue, etc.

    The MaxPatrol-600 DLX is operated by a handlebar mounted control switch with two buttons that allows you keep your hand on the grip while controlling the light. The center headlight and pursuit lights can operate together or independently of each other. Use just the headlight, only the pursuit lights, or use all three together. The touch pad has two buttons.

    Center Beam Button Functions: The first push is on high beam, the second push is low beam and the third push turns it off. Holding down the center beam button for two seconds in any mode will turn the front center light off, while keeping the taillight on. This is for situations when you want to use your taillight but do not require a front headlight to be on. Examples can be daytime riding or situations at night where you want to be in a stealth mode for approaches but visible to cars from behind.

    The second button controls the pursuit lights. Simply push it once to turn them on and again to turn them off. The single push on push off activates the wig-wag mode. There is no need to have to cycle through various functions that you do not need to enter the pursuit mode. With one push, you are in emergency mode and with a 2nd push they are off. To activate the rapid pursuit strobe mode which is 3 x right/3 x left per second, simply hold down the pursuit mode for two seconds and it will enter this mode.

    Optional Taillight: Due to demand, we created a taillight that can be added to the headlight system. It runs on the same battery and is operated by the handlebar mounted control switch. When the taillight is connected, if you have the center headlight on high or low beam, the taillight's center beam will flash red as a very bright commuter safety taillight. When you push the pursuit button the side lights on the taillight will also flash in a pursuit mode in sync with the front lights. The colors of the LEDs in the back will match those in front. The taillight is constructed of the same high-quality 6061 aluminum and mounts to the rear rack of the bike.

    Taillight Off Mode: For situations when you do not want the taillight to be turned on simply hold both buttons down at the same time (can be done with your thumb) for two seconds and the taillight will turn off. This can be done in any mode.

    The C3Sports MaxPatrol-600 DLX is extremely easy to mount with no tools required for the front light. The battery is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that does not take up a water bottle holder because it is small enough to attach on your top tube near the seat-tube of your frame. The taillight only requires a screw driver to mount it to the reflective bracket on your bicycle’s rear rack.

    The long runtime ensures this system can easily make it through a work shift and many Officer's report to us that they use it for several shifts before recharging.

    C3Sports MaxPatrol-600 DLX Specifics:

    • Output Center Low Beam: 240 Lumens
    • Output Center High Beam: 600 Lumens
    • Output Side Lights: 400 Lumens
    • Weight: 230g front light, 140g taillight (optional)
    • Center Headlight/Taillight Modes:Center High Beam/ Low Beam with Center Red Taillight flashing High/Low (optional). Taillight only on, front light only on.
    • Side Pursuit Light Modes: Wig-Wag: red/blue, red/blue (or other ordered pursuit color), Rapid Pursuit Strobe: red/red/red/blue/blue/blue (per second). Optional taillight will flash in sync with the front light.
    • Taillight Off Mode: Hold down both control buttons for two second and the optional taillight will turn off.
    • LED Brand: CREE LEDs
    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Rechargeable 8.4V 7800mAh
    • Runtime High Beam Center with flashing center taillight: 6:00 Hours
    • Runtime Low Beam Center/Flashing center taillight: 15:00 Hours
    • Runtime Pursuit Lights in Wig-Wag mode front and taillight: 13:00 Hours
    • Runtime Rapid Pursuit Strobe in front and taillight: 28:00 Hours
    • Battery Charge Time: Approximately 5:30 Hours
    • Waterproof Level: IPX6
    • Color: Black
    • Warranty: 1 Year for the light and 6 months for the battery

    New Video showing the DLX Version:

    MaxPatrol® is a registered trademark of C3Sports.

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