C3Sports Explorer-900 Bike Headlight - 900 Lumens USB Rechargeable

C3Sports Explorer-900 Bike Headlight - 900 Lumens USB Rechargeable

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    C3Sports Explorer-900 Bike Headlight - 900 Lumens USB Rechargeable

    Our Explorer-900 is a self contained headlight with an internal USB rechargeable battery and an impressive 900 Lumens from two CREE LEDs. As stylish as it is functional, the frosted color on each side of the light actually lights up when the Explorer-900 is on, creating side visibility while your light is on, making you more visible while cycling.

    The Explorer-900 has two Cree LEDs stacked on top of each other that are operated independently of each other. When they are both on in high beam, this light has a powerful 900 lumens! The design of the reflector cones makes one of the LEDs a floodlight, for nice wide coverage and the second LED works as a spotlight, for a more focused, long range beam of light.

    Full of quality features, the headlight has a built in Panasonic battery in addition to the CREE leds. The modes are low, medium and high beam and when you hold the button down for three seconds it will turn into a very fast strobe mode. This mode is excellent for areas where you need to be very visible to traffic.

    The Explorer series have an illuminated battery indicator so you will always know how much battery reserve you have left and when you need to charge your light.

    Small in size, but very powerful, the Explorer-900 measures only 4.5Lx 1.5W x 1.75”T.

    Special Features of the Explorer-900 Bicycle Light:

    • Powerful 900 Lumens with two CREE LEDs
    • Spotlight and Floodlight Functions
    • Side Visibility for safer riding
    • Four Modes: Low / Medium / High / Strobe
    • Compact Size - Only 11.6cm x 4.1cm x 5.1cm /4.5L x 1.5W x 1.75”
    • Internal USB Rechargeable Battery
    • Battery charge indicator - always know when to charge the light
    • Highly water resistant
    • 5 hour charge time
    • Run time of 2-6 hours
    • Weighs only 147g
    • Includes USB cable and 360 degree rotatable mount